Memory Books

It's Finally Here!
Personalize your Memory Book or Photo album with your Baby's name 
Boutique style Baby Memory books and photo albums covered in hip and trendy fabrics.  
Now you can choose between two different styles of our baby memory books:  
Tight bound and 3-ring binder loose leaf

 Tight bound baby memory books measure 9.5" x 12" and are bound like regular hard cover books. Pages cannot be added to this style book.

 Loose leaf baby memory books measure 10" x 11 1/2" and come in a 3-ring binder format.  This style book allows you to add any  additional 8.5" x 11" pages over time.

(some designs are not available in the loose leaf style) 

 Our memory books  include over 70 pages to record information and attach photos. These pages will help chronicle all of baby’s milestones from birth to five years.  

Pages are beautiful and sophisticated, and include classic quotes from famous children's authors. Pages are great for either a boy or girl.

 Below is a list of all page topics that are included:

In Anticipation of a New Baby    

Baby Shower (guest and gifts - 2 pages)

Baby's Arrival 

Predictions (predictions about Baby) 

Handprints and Footprints

Birth Announcement

The World as it Was When Baby Was Born 

All About Baby’s Home 

All About Mom and All About Dad

Baby's Grandparents (Mother's Side and Father's Side)

The Family Tree and Family History 

Little Bits of Me (first tooth, haircut, etc)

My First Time (all of Baby’s firsts)

Record of Growth (1 week – 5 years)

Favorite things

Best Friends

That’s Funny (what makes baby laugh)

I’m Mad! (what makes baby mad & sad)

Bath Time

Sweet Dreams (all about bed time)

I Love Food (Baby’s favorite foods)


Musical Me (Baby’s favorite songs & dances)

My First Artworks

Record of Cute Sayings 

Mommy and Me (favorite things to do with Mommy

Letter from Mommy

Daddy and Me (favorite things to do with Daddy)

Letter from Daddy

My Family and Me

I Am What I Am! (all about baby)

Springtime (things Baby enjoys in Spring)

Summertime (things Baby enjoys during Summer)

It’s Fall (things Baby enjoys during Fall) 

Wintertime Fun (things Baby enjoys during Winter)

Outings (2 pages for photos/descriptions)

Travels (4 pages for photos/descriptions)

Holidays & Special Events (6 pages for photos/descriptions) 

Me, Month by Month (4 pages for journaling)

My First Birthday 

Second - Fifth Birthday

So Much to Remember (2 journal pages & 2 photo pages)

Photographs (over 70 areas to attach photos throughout)


Receive $6 off of shipping when you buy 2 or more books! 

(baby book & photo album gift sets are excluded. Shipping credits will be given as a refund within 24 hours of purchase).

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